Degrees in Cosmetology

Degrees in Cosmetology

Every state has different requirements for cosmetologists. Nearly all states require applicants to be of a certain age (generally, 16 or 18), have finished at least 10th grade in high school, and have completed a minimum number of hours in a professional training program.

Most programs – including cosmetology, esthetician, and nail technology – offer a certificate of completion. The curriculum typically will include a minimum number of hours in classroom instruction and hands-on practice, as well as time in an apprentice-type setting practicing skills on actual clients.

Students must become familiar with their state's requirements for licensure and ensure the program they select meets the requirements for licensure. Once a student completes a program and are eligible for licensure, they must take a state exam.

Requirements vary state-to-state. Cosmetologists must also be aware of continuing education requirements in their state. Continuing education is vital in this field as technology and standards of safety and hygiene are always changing.

Links to state boards of cosmetology:

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